Triple C: the generative spiral

The 3 C’s introduced

My take: a Trin-Yang

One without the other

  • Critical Thinking without Curiosity = just being negative. It’s easy, not to say lazy to just say “No, I don’t believe that”, or “I don’t support your reasoning”. And then stop thinking.
  • Curiosity without Creativity = daydreaming without stopping. We do need an extent of daydreaming (e.g. read Wired to Create), but without end…?
  • Creativity without Critical thinking = mindless generation of ideas (solutions) without a context (problem). This is what some claim Art is, but aren’t artists also supposed to be the critics of society? And, seen creatively … is not one of the drivers of an artist to create something, the actual observation that apparently something is missing?
  • Curiosity without Critical thinking = no guts to reject any idea, anything goes, no judgement. The golden rule of many creativity-tools. Or, alternatively, just being nosy, in a bad way.
  • Creativity without Curiosity = generating obvious ideas, or just ideas period. Ideas can be ‘novel’ but still obvious. It’s not a coincidence that patent-law includes the criterion of non-obviousness.
  • Critical thinking without Creativity = cynical, closed-minded, similar to omitting the curiosity. It’s just about not allowing other people’s ideas to be embraced, destruction without creation.

So, what is the conclusion?




Chief Curiosity at The New ABC. Always Be Curious and forget “the box” altogether.

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Wouter Kersten

Wouter Kersten

Chief Curiosity at The New ABC. Always Be Curious and forget “the box” altogether.

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